Our Mission

Our mission is to rebuild the economy one family at a time by creating nontraditional solutions for our customers and their families that will enhance both their life style and their economic position in the communities in which they live.

Our Core Values

RIG Financial Solutions has built a reputation around Integrity, Professionalism, Service, Focus and Compassion. We focus on and understand the importance of long term relationships.


It’s our foundation.


It’s who we are.


It’s what we deliver.


It’s what we do.


It differentiates us.

Our Process

Initial Consultation

  1. We discuss and analyze your current financial situation, goals and objectives.
  2. We explain our services and how they relate to your current financial situation.
  3. Together, we determine if there is a reason to pursue or move into our Analysis Phase.
  4. If so, we put together a list of items needed for review.
  5. We establish timelines and expectations and explain our fees.

Implementation Phase

  1. The plan is implemented to meet your agreed upon goals and objectives.
  2. We provide you with regular updates via phone or meetings.
  3. We keep you informed of our progress and or results.
  4. We make sure we stay on target with our timeframes and results.

Analysis Phase

  1. We have our specialist review your file to determine if and how we can help you.
  2. A tentative plan is prepared based on your current financial situation, goals and objectives.
  3. We share with you our analysis, the plan, and our fees.
  4. Together, we determine if it warrants moving forward.
  5. If so, we gather any additional information necessary and we start working for you.
  6. We establish timeframes and expected outcomes.

Final Phase

  1. We review the original agreed upon goals and expectations.
  2. We review the final product and results.
  3. We compare the original agreed upon goals and expectations with the results.

"RE/MAX of Reading strives to provide excellent service to their agents and their clients. For over 30 years their Realtors have been serving Berks County, Lancaster County, Schuylkill County and beyond. The vendors on their list are there because of their desire to do the same. Each vendor on this list has been used, and proven to be held to a higher standard."

Our Philosophy

In 2009, following the peak of the economic recession, RIG Financial Solutions was founded by Richard Guerra, president and CEO, with a desire to help individuals navigate through the turmoil that financial hardships can cause in our lives.

Our philosophy has never been to develop a product just to meet our client’s needs; instead we aim to create nontraditional solutions that will get the results our clients want. By leveraging our resources in the marketplace, our expertise in the financial industry, and our innovation and forward thinking approach, we are able to prepare, educate, and provide the best solutions for our clients.

Our number one and foremost goal is to have clients with positive experiences in the process of resolving their financial woes. We take a “one customer at a time” approach. To RIG, this means that each customer must succeed and have the knowledge to make good decisions and be able to effectively navigate through the various twists and turns that life can present.

All of RIG’s business models, whether it be for credit restoration, loan modification, or alternative homeownership, require us to look at all aspects of our clients’ financial situation to better advise and educate them not only on what they need to prepare for now, but more importantly, how today’s decisions will affect their future.

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How We Can Help

Learn how we can help you navigate through economic times. For more information on how the RIG team and our solutions can help you navigate through economic times, contact us.