Richard E. Guerra

Richard E. Guerra

President and CEOP

Richard E. Guerra is the president and CEO of RIG Financial Solutions. He founded the company in 2010 following the peak of the economic recession. Prior to his business venture, Guerra’s friends and family reached out to him for professional advice and help with their financial difficulties. Feeling the effects of the economic crisis himself, Guerra recognized a void in the financial counseling market and saw an opportunity to help people in need. Guerra understood the guidance many people pursue when faced with hardship and knew he could contribute to the distressed market.

Richard Guerra grew up in Central New Jersey and attended William Patterson University and Rutgers University. He earned degrees in Business Administration, Finance, and Economics and proceeded to obtain investment licenses 7, 63, and 65. In his 20 years of investment and banking experience, Guerra was a senior producing leader at Merrill Lynch and received numerous regional management accolades while working at Wachovia Bank.

RIG Financial Solutions has enabled Richard Guerra to think forward for people and better prepare them for the future.

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